Whoops Christmas!

by Miscellaneous Plumbing Fixtures



A collection of as many of my silly Christmas singles as I could find. Enjoy!


released December 16, 2013

Written, produced, all instruments and vocals by Jon Cross of Miscellaneous Plumbing Fixtures.

Copyright Om/No Productions Music 2013



all rights reserved
Track Name: Boogie Woogie Christmas
Early one morning december 21st
Mrs Claus came a wandering she dyin’ of thirst
the toy warehouse was barren and the lights were dim
and no little elves could be seen within
when from far back in the complex up at the north pole
she heard a musical raucous erupt with funk and soul

She took a few steps closer this band was really swinging
there was Rudolph on bass and ol' papa Claus was singing
he was also shreddin’ a real sweet axe
the elves were on upright piano standing on each others backs
Mrs Claus thought baby if I can’t beat em I’ll join em
and she sat down at the kit and hit that big bass drum

They’re having a boogie woogie Christmas
full of rock n roll
they are lighting up the sky above the old north pole
if you’ve been good or bad this year they don’t care
all will be redeemed, if they let the blues fill the air
why bother with a present if by February you don’t use it
this year’s santa’s bringing you some sweet sweet music

Well Christmas eve is just 3 days away
Santa says "we gotta figure out exactly what to play"
we’re doin’ a whistle stop tour every house in one night
so we better make sure we get the chord change right
we’re gonna knock their stockings off with our kicking fat beat
smiles in every home and all the cookies we can eat

So on Christmas morn little Johnny wonders down stairs
he looks bemused as the whole living room is bare
under the tree no gifts and no confection
but Santa’s coming down the chimney followed by the horn section
they play real nice set and they get the whole place swinging
and by the end everyone on the whole block is singing

Let’s have a boogie woogie Christmas
let’s tap toes and clap hands
and listen to some real funky music from some first rate bands
And by the break of day Santa and the elves are back at the pole
you won’t need worthless trinkets you’ll have music in your soul
take this brother may it serve you well
without a rockabilly beat this whole world is going to hell

so next year when someone asks and your present you have to choose it
don’t say nothing but that sweet sweet music
Once it’s in your heart you just can’t loose it
it’s that boogie boogie rockabilly funk soul music