New England Stand-up comedian extraordinaire, Jay Mayo suggested a weekend road trip. I took him up on his offer. Our plan was to record some music where we could, make a music video and then swing by Motern Media’s Matt Farley and record some songs there too.

The 5 songs on this EP are the result of that weekend.

Rough, acoustic, written on the go (or improvised) and recorded in a motel room, a car and a basement studio respectively, The New England Weekend Jams EP is not only an excellent documentation of three friends determination to create and have fun but also a message to everyone that you can collaborate and create anywhere, right now, today.


released July 13, 2015

All Songs Written by Jon Cross of Miscellaneous Plumbing Fixtures, Matt Farley of Motern Media and Jay Mayo

Songs recorded and produced by Jon Cross and Matt Farley

Guitar, Banjolele & Vocals by Jon Cross
Guitar, Shaker, Tamborine & Kazoo by Jay Mayo
Piano & Vocals by Matt Farley

Copyright Om/No Productions Music 2015



all rights reserved
Track Name: Miscellaneous Plumbing Fixtures & Jay Mayo - Billboards
We're your lawyers
We're on motorbikes
Tell us your pain
We'll understand

Get some road side food
From these handful of places
It's hungry work
Traveling the land

There's proof of God
Another billboard declares
A frightened baby
A bible reading

Losing your hair is a choice
At our clinic we've found the answer
We'll give you back your youth for bundles of cash
If you're balding at the back or receding

There's signs for everything
By the road tonight
But no sign of you anywhere
And if you're up ahead
on this road tonight
I hope you are taking care
Find your sort of place
Where it just feels right
Please tell me you'll wait there
Track Name: Miscellaneous Plumbing Fixtures & Jay Mayo - Living Free
We're living free
The only way we know how
A handful of meats
And matching hats
This is the way to spend a weekend
Back to where it all began
Fryeburg, Maine, New England
A pair country cats

We're living free
Nothing's going to stop us
A canopy of sherbet green trees
Shows us the way
Cracked Tarmac under our free wheels
Ignoring the speed limits
Ignoring the voices
On this free New England day

Living free is the only way to live free
This free living is only giving
Us The freedom to live free
Not even going to think of dying
I can't die
Because that's how free I'm living

We're living free
Passing grey fox gun shop
A tip of the cap to Jimmy buffet
And one for the road
Lake bound for those cool blue waters
Little mountain country pizza
This summer couldn't get better
Living free no heavy load
Track Name: M & M & M - Too Slow Woman
When I'm walking down the road
When There's something important I have to find
When I've got an urgent parcel to mail
You're just so far behind

When I need to do the laundry
When there's places I need to go
You're always holding me back
Because baby you're just so slow

This ain’t no stroll
I got places to go
and I am on a roll
and you poison my soul
I’ve paid my tolls
come on let’s go
don’t be so slow
don’t be so slow

I really want a future with you
I really want a love so deep
But because you take your sweet time
By the time you make the bedroom
I'm already asleep

When we went to get married
It took you hours to get down the aisle
When I ran the hundred meters
You made it a mile

Lady you're just so slow

I want to love you
But I don't have the time
Track Name: M & M & M - All The Way
Hey lady take my hand
There's bluebells growing in the verge
This sweet lands got our back
And I'll go see it with you
If you get the urge

Hey lady take my heart
We're living in lavender
Drinking mulled wine
Cuddle closer
As the sun spreads its wings
This is the best summer
And we're doing fine

Old and fat
Old and grey
You and me
No matter what you say
Will live to fight another day
Just one more day
All the way

Hey lady take my head
Everything's coming up roses
Dancing round the kitchen
Water fights on the roof
Up a mountain, by the sea
I'll always want you next to me
Your auburn hair against the cartoon blue sky
Funny pictures in a photo booth