Found in the shed

by Miscellaneous Plumbing Fixtures

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My 6th Album of original songs.

The idea with this one was to do the songs as simple as possible. Most of them have minimal or no overdubs and the lyrics and the playing have to stand by themselves without the luxury of complicated production.

This was both nerve wracking and liberating, personally I consider this some of my best work.

Not that it's saying much.

Here's hoping someone enjoys all this.

A video for the song "Stay Where You Are" is now up on YouTube -

Recorded at Om/No Studios, Manhattan. Produced & Mixed by Jon Cross.
℗ 2011 Miscellaneous Plumbing Music © 2011 Miscellaneous Plumbing Music. The copyright of this recording is owned by Jon Cross & Miscellaneous Plumbing Music. All rights reserved.


released July 1, 2011

Guitar, Mandolin, Percussion, Ukulele, Keyboard, Harmonica, Vocals - Jon Cross



all rights reserved
Track Name: Found in the shed
broken dusty
cracked and rusty
sometimes I feel
I am the furniture
found in the shed

discarded, forgotten
low down and rotten
sometimes I feel
I am the junk
found in the shed

a little attention
a little time
you can make
this contraption
come alive and shine

rain soaked and wasted
stained, useless and hated
sometimes I'm mistaken
for the objects you
find in the shed

misplaced and dated
old fashioned and faded
sometimes we're
the pieces everyone
has left in the shed

some consideration
a little caring
you can take
this machine
and make it sing
find the right wavelength
tune in the channel
connect all the wires
under the panel
put me back together
bit by bit
till I am as good as new
and figure where I fit

stranded and shattered
piled up and battered
sometimes I think
I'm like the furniture
found in the shed

but you add the right component
and give it a moment
you're the one who
will teach me that
feeling is all in my head
Track Name: between saloon doors and a date
This Illinois moon
shining like one of
Willem Dafoe's teeth
as our story starts
the late musician
his car bonnet raised
and he's underneath
he slams it shut and yells
'try the engine'
there's a brief sign of life
but it's all emphysema
he kicks the front tire
and with a sigh he gives up
while some 10 miles away
the girl from Ipanema
between saloon doors
and his date

When he arrives
he's all black with grease
and smells of engine
a cursory glance
around this place
finds things being packed up
by the band and barman
he grabs his head
and through
cracked cursing lips
he blames himself, his car
and all who made her
then there's a flash of
colour over in the corner
he can't believe it
as she wanders over
and sits
saying 'my darling
you're late'

He sings
I would cross mountains
I'd swim the sea
I will always get here in the end
if you are waiting for me

She lets out a laugh
then calls the waiter
they both order a stiff drink
and there they sit
till last orders are called
the empties in the sink
he knows he has to
make his move
he's all mumbling nerves
it's right now or
the moment will be lost
the box is opened
he's down on his knee
light catches the ring
he has his fingers crossed
She smiles
then says
'why the wait?'

He sings
Will you cross mountains
swim the ocean blue
will you always get here in the end
if I am there for you
Say yes and I'll cross mountains
I'd swim the sea
I will always get here in the end
if you are waiting for me.

That Illinois girl
took her late musician
by the hand and said
I'll have to think about it
Track Name: Patience is a must
My neighbor is a farmer
So he knows a thing or two
like waiting out the winter
and what's a proper pair of shoes
on a disaster movie morning
when the elements won't quit
there are existential cries
newspaper lady in a fit
walking this city of rust
patience is a must

in the basement there's construction
they must know a thing or two
like the certainty of destruction
and all the different size of screws
when the elephant leaves the building
and all the baskets are broke
you get a face full of carbon
of course you start to choke
when all other options are bust
patience is a must

I am cursing Samuel Johnson
tired of hearing myself speak
too many words hitting the ceiling
foundations feeling weak
what does it really matter
when there's beauty in the street
things have a way of turning over
when two ideas have room to meet

This is an empty evening
it must hold a thing or two
like the discovery of a future
or some take away food
When there's nothing left but traffic
and a mother in law joke
the distance is overwhelming
and you're permanently broke
when apologies are dust
patience is a must
Track Name: River building
hand me that gingham table cloth
hand me that folding table too
I've got the napkins and cutlery in my overcoat
salt and pepper packets in my shoe

I'm going to that building
river building
climbing up to the top
I'm going up onto of that building
I may never stop

they're turning Domino sugar into housing
so as they tear at the guts from here
I'll sit on top and have some cheese and wine
bid the old farewell my dear

I can see a lot from this building
river building
smoke stacks and the chimney tops
I'm up on the roof of that building
perspective it can mean a lot.

Vincent's ashes scatted with his favourite hat
there are probably worse ways to go
but as I sit up here and realise that
the east river puts on a tug boat show

they wave as they pass this building
river building
I'd give it all for just one more go round
I've got to the top of the building
I catch my breath before it makes a sound
Track Name: No good without my girl
this little apartment
these last two years
time with you
always so near
no anxiety
we can be ourselves
in this little apartment
in the best city
in the world

this current feeling
hard to pin down
it's in the bricks of this building
it's having you around
it's in the words in my headphones
in the strings of my guitar
this current feeling
in every corner
of my simple heart

I'm no good
at putting this
into words
you just know
if and when
its at your door
seeing my friends
the word is spreading
what else are words
and music for

this current existence of ours
full of the rich and the rare
each morning I'm amazed
that you even care
you pull me from the cold
to where it's warm
this current existence
has filled me head to toe
with a loving calm

I'm no good
without my girl
things go smoother
when she's here
it's true
and I hope
all the people
I care for
feel like this
what else are words
and music here to do
Track Name: New England
The ghosts and spirits of Fryeburg Maine
call to me in a moment of silence
I will count up and keep all of my coins
with them build a shelter and some self reliance
I want to find an old fishing boat painted shipyard grey
and spend my days making her seaworthy
New England with your New England trees
look what you've done to me

I want to learn It's not just the song it's where you sing it
I long to leave some dust and feathers on the mic
an old barn, high ceilings, a cathedral of bric a brac with history
wood beams, paint cans, old bricks and a rusted bike

In the shadow of the brave white mountains
and their smart red and orange cousins
I want to go way out there and never come back
like vinyl, telegrams and carrier pigeons
want to wash up on the shore of some lake's island
stick a flag in the sand and claim it as my own
New England with your New England eyes
I hope you'll welcome me home

I want to learn it's not just the song it's where you play it
I long to leave these notes scattered along the river bank
grab some branches and kick the earth under a tea stained sky
and in my sweethearts arms share some evening whispered thanks
Track Name: Cardboard Storm
This city is a cardboard storm tonight
and I'm a cinema marquee
each piece an address to some place new
my love can always spot me

The city and the cardboard storm tonight
and I am underneath the A
outside that breeze brings commuters to their knees
as I give out the time of day

we're not holding hands because it's valentines
It's so I know where my home is at all times

A cardboard storm in the city tonight
lean in with your shoulder and grin
each airborne scrap a torn off idea
that one day somewhere someone can win

we're not locking arms because it's valentines
I just don't want to leave my life behind
Track Name: Lost with you out here
All I see's the front beams
the white lines in the road
and your reflection
there's a thousand more to go
you'll keep on the wheel
I will keep up conversation

another morning comes
strange landscapes and the sun
and another gas station
when you're facing down the day
only time is in your way
between here and the destination

I want get lost with you
out here
under this widescreen sky
and if we never find our way home
I wouldn't mind
the bad motels and roadside breakfasts
even have a certain style to them
I can't wait for the day
our travels start again

never ending power lines
factories or turbines
connect the nation
from the castle on the coast
to the trailers
in the shadow of a mountain

no sign of life
on the longest stretch
defies imagination
the road makes you think on your feet
be ready for every

all my focus
is on finding a way
that we can save up
take off
and make this
our story for a while
Track Name: Yours to conquer
lights off
head down
memories creep in
the past is waving

clean slate
since you
moving forward
each day
clear blue
no more awkward

and just your skin's
more than water
an airplane's sun rise
your laugh
is brighter
I am the earth
I'm yours to conquer
I'm so lucky
to live a moment
within your eyes

still up
we are the night birds
on the sofa
with blankets
and vision blurred
we fly

Your hand in mine
and I'm a winner
the Mackinac Bridge
your support is stronger
my head my heart
are yours to conquer
and no matter
what my question
your love replies
Track Name: Dead weight
I just got back
I'd been fighting
with myself
afraid of lighting
this room was black
but now I'm back

no need to listen
to what I was saying
my head, my bed a mess
can't believe you're staying
It's you I'm missing
I need to listen

Sometimes I lose
Sometimes it beats me
Some times the ground
comes up to meet me
Sometime it's the future
Sometimes just fate
Sometimes they call me
The Dead Weight
I'm The Dead Weight

In the grand scheme
this moment will pass
but I am trapped beneath
a half empty glass
thought it was last years dream
this grand scheme

Sometimes it's tricky
Sometimes confusion
Sometimes my goodwill
needs a transfusion
sometimes it's early
and I'm running late
the ones around me know
I'm the dead weight
they call me the dead weight
Track Name: No one here survives
it was winter
the ground was hard
the fence had fallen
to the weeds in the yard
an angry air
claws at the paint
the battered porch swing
the patience of a saint
and the wind whispers
not long now

tree tops tearing
holes in the ceiling
the foundations
got that sinking' feeling
the walls are paper
to the ancient roots
at night the creatures
see what they can loot
and together they sing
not long now

the earth is taking this
house with it when it goes
pull it down into it's fire
till nothing shows
we were here and
we lived a million lives
the last laugh is
no one here survives