"Wake Up, It's Not Over" Part​.​2

by Miscellaneous Plumbing Fixtures



Initially the plan was to just write and record songs with Jay Mayo and release a single album but then I realised that I almost had another album worth of songs on my hard drive that I had been working on separately, alone.

I contemplated just releasing it all as one big long album but they are two very different listening experiences and while definitely on the same theme, the two sets of 10 songs felt too separate to combine. It's for this reason then that there is Part 1 and Part 2. Part 1 are the 10 songs recorded with Jay and Part 2, this album, is all just me, solo.

7 tracks on this album come from a day long writing and recording session I did on Thanksgiving 2015 (although some of the lyrics were written before that day) and the other three songs were written and recorded to complete the album after I returned from recording with Jay.

Another huge thanks to Kimberly Taylor for the beautiful cover art.


released February 11, 2016

Written, performed and produced by Jon Cross of Miscellaneous Plumbing Fixtures.

Copyright Om/No Productions Music 2016



all rights reserved
Track Name: On Metropolitan Avenue
On Metropolitan Avenue
Is where I first met you
All smiles and drinks
All furtive glances
Hope of future sweet romances

On Metropolitan Avenue
We fell hard like lovers do
Things moved fast
Yet seemed so right
Winter evenings dark but the future's bright

Like bears let's hide out in here
Let others have the seasons cheer
We'll have the flickering pictures
Warm lips and skin
Lets hibernate until the spring

On Metropolitan Avenue
No longer feeling beat and blue
On Metropolitan Avenue
Is all I need to get me through
On Metropolitan Avenue
Is home to me because of you

Let these tired feet in worn out shoes
Never wander too far away from
metropolitan avenue
Track Name: Standing In Circles
Unpack all your fairgrounds
As you burst into a room
Leave no hand unshaken
There's a buffet to consume

Nineteen to the dozen
No sharp intakes of breath
We'll all be standing in circles like this
Right up to the day before our death

Every conversation
A trap from which you can't get free
Watch every syllable
as it gets away from you
Stick to opinions you don't understand

Curate all of your memories
Leave bags wherever you go
Sure there's a sadness and yes there's guilt
But no one has to know

It's no longer news it's just gossip
No matter how you dress it up
There's a stone cottage somewhere
With your name on it
As long as you don't mess it up
Track Name: The Last Days of Coney Island
Everyone who tries to tear you down
Wants their own real estate
No thought about what used to be here
Don't understand what made you great

More tiny rooms in tedious towers
When the beach is already full
They'll be no more reasons to visit
If everything is removable

Come on do your worst
My fists go up under a cloud of defeat
Like the last days of Coney Island
Like a flower pushing through the concrete

There's passion in the wood of the boardwalk
There's vision in this ride
You can try to impose your will on the rocks
But you can't turn back the tide

Take out all my moving parts
There's life in the old dog yet
Like the last days of Coney Island
Some people will never forget

You men with money
And guts full of salt
You'll get what you deserve eventually
And it'll be all your fault

No one wants your property
No one wants your views
When faced with splendor or empty progress
I know which I will choose
Track Name: You Were Waiting
You were waiting for me
at the end of the boxing match
I’m bloodied but far from beaten
too much itch and not enough scratch

You were waiting for me
the day I got out of jail
I wrote you every day I was inside
but you only just picked up your mail

and you’ll save me
in the castle
when the booby trap room
is closing in on me
to gain entrance to the basement
where I’m being held
you’ll distract the guards
with your feminine wiles
and you’ll take the controls
of the plane when I have
to fight off henchmen
you’ll be with me at the end
of the adventure
as the sun starts to set
all one liners and suggestive smiles

and you were waiting
in the getaway car after the robbery
I had to pull one last caper
so you and I could be free

and you were waiting
and we were the only ones who never stopped fighting
and you’ll always spot me in a crowd
if you're blindfolded or in low lighting

and you’ll cover for me
in the government offices
when you’ll use your
brains over braun
you’re riding shotgun in
the dodge charger as
we leave the cops in a cloud of dust
and when I’m lost
you’ll follow the lead the
detective ignored and
recognize the clues I left you
you’re always saving me
from myself
and you’re always looking out
for us

and you were waiting
after I’d been through hell
and I didn’t know you were waiting
but you knew, you could see, you could tell
Track Name: Before It Was Too Late
Gabriel had his top down
Boney M blaring from the dashboard
if he had a body in the trunk
who would know
Gladys sweeps up the corner bar
it’s 4 am and everyone’s home
she could just take all the money
who would know

before it was too late
before it was too late
who would
before it was too late

Graham grabs a six pack from the cooler
and makes his way down to the river
his girl might have gone and this could be it
who would know
who would know
Glenda gazes lonely from the rooftop
the city she loves spreads out before her like veins
she could be about to unfurl her wings and fly
who would know
who would know

before it was too late
before it was too late
who would
before it was too late

Gavin says goodbye to his sweetheart
he’s catching the 9:15
someone else on that train might be had enough
who would know
who would know
Greta got a lottery ticket from the deli on 59th
it could be a winner
she might get rich
who would know
who would know

before it was too late
before it was too late
who would
before it was too late
Track Name: Sea Shanty
stranded the ocean
bites at my toes
the sun burns my skin
to a crisp
have to build some kind
of shelter
have to figure
a way out of this

not much sustenance
and the birds are no friend of mine
drink water from the rain pools
using a crab shell
everything else is salty because of the brine

and scared
let’s sing a sea shanty
to keep spirits high
someone will find me
someone must see
the flames of the beacon
against the black sky
and scared
what kind of man
am I
will I build
will I hunt
will I survive
or will I lay down and die

the nights are so lonely
I sleep in cold sand
it’s been months
without a lover
maybe I’ll meet a mermaid
and she'll beckon to me to come over

and maybe we live happy ever after
and maybe i learn to swim
and maybe she loves me unconditionally
and maybe a whole new life can begin
Track Name: Partners in Crime
a calm arrangement
we’re outside the mattress warehouse
and it’s night time
the neon light from the billiard rooms
covers up the crime

a solid pavement
every second counts when you’re
out of time
feet flee lightly and out of breath
gasps on the stairs we climb

it’s all going wrong
but at least I’m on my way home to you
and tomorrow it’s all in a song
and there’s far more important things for us to do

there’s a haven
I don’t even have to ask
and you take my side
another month on the lam
like it was a joy ride

and we’re not leaving
every mistake and misdemeanor
every time in the past you cried
it doesn’t matter anymore
the anxiety can be satisfied

that was then
and now I am on my way home to you
you’re not a thief you’re a friend
and you’ll keep me safe until the search is through

they are looking down an alley
when I’m already over the fence
every escape plan you suggested
made so much sense
we’ll take this town by pleasant force
we always win in the end
hand in hand we’ll burn the bridges down
and you’ll never hear from us again
Track Name: One Good Eye
I want to paint a picture
In your one good eye
Of the things you can catch
In this fading blue sky
Of the things you might miss
Of the things that we need
And the things no one mentions
While they bury the lead

I want to spend some moments
In your one good eye
While the old moving pictures
Splutter and sigh
While the ice cream trucks
Roll on down the street
Despite all this salt
Under our feet

What can you hear
And can you tell
it would take nothing
For this to all go to hell
But there's nothing more important
Than the truth in a lie
And you can find it all there
Behind your one good eye

I want to see myself
Through your one good eye
Drained of all colour
But crisp and dry
Would I stand up
And would I survive
Or would it just take a moment
And I'd come alive
Track Name: The Turn Around
you can’t believe it
where did this come from
what did you do
what did you say
one minute it’s nowhere to be found
then there’s the turn around

there was no hope
you saw no point
the future was a bulb about
to burst
you tasted nothing,
you didn’t hear a sound
then there’s the turn around

the turn around
the turn around
I’ve been turned around
what was lost has been found
that’s the turn around

your hand in mine
your eyes widen
you pull the air from my lungs
it’s such a surprise
to no longer be down
that’s the turn around

one minute I was somewhere
I didn’t want to be
the next minute you were standing in front of me

suddenly there’s flavour
suddenly there’s answers
you reached in and restarted my heart
the endless nights
you kicked round this town
and now there’s a turn around
Track Name: Write It Down
I'm writing it down
So I don't miss a thing
Amidst movies and magic
And everything
There's a whistle, a rumble
There's an incessant breathing
The aches of these rooms
Stretch out cross the ceiling

I'll take the books
And pile them all up
I'll give you somewhere
To rest your cup
I'll paint the walls
And sing as I do
I'll travel anywhere
To stand beside you

We are here now
Who will remember
All who will listen
And all who remain
We'll make a mark
We'll dig our heels in
Put up a billboard
With both of our names

I've counted the times
Like this on one hand
How this just happens
When it wasn't planned
Either side of the ocean
In the city or wood
How does something so broken
Deserve all this good

We are here now
And what does it matter
It's very important
It's a reason to write
We'll lie here and whisper
Beneath all the clatter
Out of the park
And into the light