The Arms That Won't Let Go

by Miscellaneous Plumbing Fixtures

(free) 02:36


A bunch of songs that were lying about either having not been included on an earlier album or were waiting to possibly go on a future album plus some songs I did for soundtracks and one for a charity video.


released August 3, 2013

Guitars, Mandolin, Banjo, Ukulele, Percussion, Drums, Keyboard, Harmonica, Vocals - Jon Cross

All songs written by, performed and produced by Jon Cross

℗ 2013 Miscellaneous Plumbing Music
© 2013 Miscellaneous Plumbing Music.

The copyright of this recording is owned by Jon Cross & Miscellaneous Plumbing Music. All rights reserved.



all rights reserved
Track Name: No Peddlers and No Beggars
The wind blew in the city
plastic bags take too the sky
the workmen tear down the autumn trees
the town's got bigger fish to fry
the motorcade went rolling past
all flags and flashing lights
and the evening sounds of sirens
that punctuate the night
but no one's looking on
the patriots are gone.

the sign reads no peddlers and no beggars
but plenty of strangers you can find
they're talking up a storm out there
as the waters rise behind
no one's building bridges
and no one's building raft's
I guess they think we'll hide out in the subway
till the worst of it has past
there's a flood heading this way
the water's deeper everyday.

ooooo oooooo
you can't turn back the tide
ooooo oooooo
they'll soon be nowhere left to hide

The mayor he held a meeting
with the banks and pharmacies
and his ladies were in waiting
the rest of us down on our knees
the barricades are bending
the cracks are in the floor
you've got these messages you're sending
but no one's beating down your door
the crowd are huddled in the distance
putting up the least resistance

ooooo ooooo
you've got to enjoy it while you can
ooooo ooooo
they'll soon be nowhere left to stand
Track Name: Days Like These
sitting on the luggage
under the over weight sun
watching for the loner
trying to find a donor
take to his heals and run

breaking all the ice
at the wedding buffet
didn't know it was a sculpture
this party's got a puncture
wishing you were far away

and we've all had days like these
yes we've all had days like these
when even just yourself
is had to please
yeah we've all had days like these

Waking in the cargo hold
of a broken down train
seeing you were stranded
all the passengers abandoned
only an illegible post it note to explain

trying to hold a door
in a hurricane wind
slams and takes what matters
the surgeries in tatters
you want to find a way to begin
Track Name: Poolside at the Tropicana
it's midnight by the pool at the Tropicana
underneath a firework sky
I may only have change and some mints in my pocket
but I am going to drink this bar dry
there's cigar smoke and gunpowder filling up the air
and you can't move round here for Hawaiian shirts
some come for the gambling but stay for the women
and others are just here for the dirt

and it's rare in this town that they hold hands
so when they do you feel the whole world change
and there's nothing romantic about concrete
no matter how the plastic palms are arranged
but for a moment at dusk at red rock
I thought that maybe we had broken through
and if there's anyone on earth I'd want to share that with
then baby that someone is you

the band loosen their bowties
and then they take their complimentary one for the road
the stand up comic got a standing ovation
even though none of the audience showed
and the wind hits your skin like gravel
when you find yourself north of the strip
outside a gun & liquor warehouse with barred up windows
you took a wrong turn somewhere on this trip

and it's rare round here to find honesty
so when you do you feel the whole world change
and there's nothing romantic about the desert
it's just lonely and lost and strange
but for a moment at dusk at red rock
I thought that maybe we had broken through
and if there's anyone on earth I'd want to share that with
then baby that someone is you
Track Name: Summer Doesn't Respect Your Privacy
Here comes the sun
it's that time already
you're not the one who's winning
and your heart is heavy
Summer last year took the best of me
because Summer don't respect no privacy

Windows open
up and down this block
every secret for the stealing
when this town's too hot
Summer you will be the end of me
because Summer you don't respect my privacy

yes I've had my moments
the closest to me
they could tell
the ones I cherish most
picked me up each time I fell
don't mail me out your judgements
leave your opinions on the shelf
the only friends you'll ever need
let you be yourself

against a wall of golden concrete
they're standing almost in their birthday suit
they love this thick bright blanket
but the shade is my escape route
Summer strips off everyone but me
because summer don't respect your privacy
Track Name: Jump Right In
under the fake sky
half arsed badminton
with a wave
she jumped right in
the cotton snow
on the tea stained lake
with a deep breath
we jump right in

small hours filled with
movie screams
wake the town up
from their sleep
to them I must be
too far from home
these back waters
running deep

under the night sky
board games and barbecue
with a gasp
she jumps right in
when all the colours
are stripped back to blue
save me I say
as I jump in

in the back pocket of the world
you find your feet
and those before you
carved their name
when you're on the ledge
it's 1868
from up here
it's all the same
Track Name: Dinosaurs Died Out
lizard in lightbulb
rotting like an old boat
stamping on a sandwich
ripping up a bank note
baking under bright sky
like waking in a dog's throat
locked away your sense of fun
I'm living life on the run

old show new crowd
madelines, tea cakes
hunting for a tin gun
everybody makes mistakes
sitting on a gold mine
ain't no great shakes
if signs say closed down
and the sun is buried underground

You just don't make sense to me
you're not living in reality
there's empty numbers on your board
your world is rotten at the core
you're looking back and all is there
is a whole lot of nowhere
it'll crash again have no doubt
what the hell is that about?
I thought the dinosaurs died out

Big man small mind
no beard short hair
bad suit, cheap tie
wanders why we don't care
dancing in the gallery
holding down the liquor store
beating up upstairs
banging in the corridor

crazies on the gogglebox
empty 10 screen cinema
throwing out a chese wheel
uncle's got a new bra
jumping at the big bang
don't you get where we are
enter office hold nose
this is where shit flows
Track Name: Where We All Fit
wedged into the front seat
like luggage tight
feeling more awake
than in the dead of night
something bout this scenery
just feels right
let's watch the sunrise
through the rear view mirror
the sunrise through the rear
view mirror of our rental car

you're in the kitchen
cooking up a storm
revolutions being made
out on our concrete lawn
while the blueprint for
the past is being
we'll watch the fireworks
on our tiny phone
watching fireworks
on the tiny two inch screen
of your mobile phone

it isn't easy
with a busy head
it isn't easy
taking the hit
it isn't easy to see
what's angering me
it isn't easy seeing
where we all fit

I abandoned myself
outside a shopping mall
I got Audry Hepburn's
long distance call
my heart is the bat
and my brain is the ball
let's watch them die
through the lens of a camera
I'll watch them die
through my camera lens

it isn't easy
with a busy head
it isn't easy
taking the hit
it isn't easy to see
what's angering me
it isn't easy seeing
where we all fit
it isn't easy
pretending that
it isn't easy
it isn't easy
knowing where to sit
it isn't easy to hear
what's near to me dear
it isn't easy knowing
where we all fit
Track Name: Come Across To The Island
Come across to the island
yes come across to the island
come over to the island
because it is the only place to be

Come across to the island
the weather is fine
we're all basking in the warm sunshine
yes the other boroughs maybe cold and damp
so come over to the island and set up camp
we've got everything you want
and all that you need
for once in your life
believe what you read
and come across to the island
come across to the island
come across to the island
and be with me

Come across to the island
I just can't say enough
coming over would convince you
we got the good stuff
The stories it could sing you
if we all gave it a voice
come across to the island
you're making the right choice
to come across to the island
yes come across to the island
come across to the island
and you will see

You may have reservation
pulling into grand central station
that the place, while being grand
is too busy for you to stand
too hurried and too loud
you think you'll get lost in the crowd
but if take a deep breath
and find your way onto the street
you'll be surprised the individuals
you will meet
on the island
you're an islander now
you're on the island
you're an islander now

come across to the island
this ain't no reality TV test
it can chew you up if you're not careful
this place is only for the best
but once you're here you'll find your feet
you'll see it's good for your health
lets burn down all the bridges
and keep this island to ourselves
oh come across to the island
come across to the island
come over to the island
it is the only place to be
Track Name: Give It Up
What's that your holding
out on your sleeve
sometimes we all hope for
a little reprieve
some space away from the crowd
where we can finally breathe
and see straight
there's too much food on this plate

it's hard to just stop
when the path comes a calling
your paper feet fumble
you just can't get the ball in
and mixed up memories
begin to start falling
out of view
this puzzle needs a clue

Give it up for a Sunday spent on the river
Give it up for that first major chord
Give it up for the park in the centre of a city
Give it up for the last book you adored

These moments in life
in the wide open they hide
lost in the empty market
you can't find your guide
and everyone tells us
what matters is inside
is their own moon and their own sun

Give it up for watching rain from the window
Give it up for a mountain top laugh
Give it up for a cinema shadow
Give it up for a late night bath

Give it up for the arms that won't let go
Give it up for the first and last kiss
Give it up for the twinkling smile on their face
Give it up for the things we'd all miss

if we didn't stop
and take time
to give it up

Give it up for falling asleep on the sofa
Give it all up for friends and family
Give it up for all the guilty pleasures
Give it all up for the strangers you see

who might stop
and take the time
to give it up
Track Name: Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places
You are searching for a story
trying to write yourself a part
something you can play out
something straight from the heart
you'll have to keep on hunting
judging by the looks on their faces
you've been looking for love
in all the wrong places

You think that propping up the bar
is going to help point the way
you think that scoping out the pool hall
will help you one day
Well don't play detective
if you don't know what the case is
and stop looking for love in all the wrong places
you are looking for love in all the wrong places

Stop looking for love
you have to let it find you
one day you will relax
and something will remind you
the best times you've had
are when you just let it ride
you can search for all your worth
but love has got a good place to hide

Wearing all that aftershave
and waxing down your hair
opening the collar on your shirt
may make a few people stare
but in this life it's not enough
just to cover all the bases
seems like you are looking for love
in all the wrong places
yes you are looking for love in all the wrong places

You can look to the sky
but there is no answer there
the pages of your favourite novels
may as well be bare
you can look out at the ocean
but you can't stop the tide
the only place that is left to look
is inside

look to yourself
if you want to see what a disgrace is
stop looking for love
in all the wrong places
don't be expecting the conquest
if you can't enjoy the chases
and stop looking for love
in all the wrong places
love is not a picnic
and it's not a day at the races
and you're looking my friend
in all the wrong places
you have to let your heart
put you through your paces
and stop looking for love
in all the wrong places
Track Name: The Plea of Ernest Brillo
You gotta keep warm and be kind
was a lawyer now a shoeshine
living in a foreign land
playing in a rubber band
I'm holding court and avoiding the fine
give the cannibals a piece of my mind
never clean and never tanned
gotta get myself a hat stand

it is limitless to limit us
pull the reigns and drag the bus
spelling mistakes fill the air
they are writhing on the walls out there
I needing space and time to adjust
it's all so small for such a fuss
the only light from a dying flare
moving men forgot to handle with care

can't get used
to your suits
can't get high
on your lie
I keep it down
around town
can't take
your poison cake
can't get by
on a sigh
do you hear the sound?
they're selling my flesh by the pound

the corner store's an empty box
a new landlord but the same old locks
this still feels like the place to be
comfort in the surrounding sea
please keep my boat from off the rocks
hold your horses and stop the clocks
someone could drown in this debris
I should like to give the world a cup of tea

can't get used
to the sound of boots
I'd rather die than
convince you to buy
I'll take a step back
from the widening crack
can't sign
on your line
can't fly
and can't be bothered to try
there's no more slack
on this rack
Track Name: The Old World
by the light of the flickering tube
that's when I fell in love with you

by the brick under a vanishing sun
that's where the day and the west was won

We covered up
it was cold outside
but the waters still ran
away with our hearts
We took the pulse
of the place
from that rippling tide
let the smiles stay
amongst the photographs

on the balcony in amber and blue
that's when I found this future was through

just as the wall around the old town will crack
I think it's time to take the souvenir back

The game was up
it was cold outside
the flight is dry
an engine's mumbling
the place was where
she had left it
and it had no time to hide
let's kick the dust
and the wind off the wing

by the sound of distant slot machines
I worked out what everything means

trying to get you in a taxi and away from
the crew
that's when I fell in love with you
Track Name: Wolf At The Door
A smoke filled cellar
a hard wood floor
the sound of laughter scatters
across the moor
The light is up and you're still awake
from the night before
but you can't get to sleep
when the wolf is at the door.

Last night you dreamt all sorts of stuff up
but this morning it all seems impure
that old wives tale you were once told
isn't really a cure
Your mouth's an ash tray
Your eye's are raw
why is it you're alone
now that the wolf is at the door

He keeps banging he's trying to get in
The moon is reflecting in his razor grin
hide Grandma in the cupboard and snuff out the light
lets try and turn this siege
into an even fight.

The bus conductor puts us all in our place
and scolds the kids on the second floor
The driver checks his rear view mirror
it's the noise he tries hard to ignore
but with a look of panic he leaves the stop
he just can't take any more
no one will blame you if you put your foot down
when the wolf is at the door

Don't be fooled by his suit and tie
if he gets in here we are all going to die
Stick Grandpa up the loft and grab the nearest saucepan
lets all put our heads together
and come up with a plan.

The dust errupts
and you hear the roar
and just for a second
theres nothing else to hear anymore
you look at the clock
it's a quarter to four
I guess there's no time like the present
to have the wolf at your door.

He's in the house and he's tearing around
you really wish you could be swallowed up by the ground
forget your aunty in the pantry it's every man for himself
all these days without sleep
they're bad for your health.

the all clear's been rung out
and it's limping away
you feel almost well enough
to begin the day
hopefully this time everything you try
won't feel like a chore
sometimes even the weakest ones
can keep the wolf from the door.