Catch Up Or Don't, See If I Care

by Miscellaneous Plumbing Fixtures



I have been working on this album for 18 months with songs written at all different time periods. A lot has happened to me personally and professionally in that time and so the songs are about all sorts of things and all over the place. I have not ordered the album chronologically, although I thought about doing that but I prefer the track listing as it is now.
I hope you enjoy, share and provide me lots of feedback.


released December 20, 2014

Written, performed and produced by Jon Cross of Miscellaneous Plumbing Fixtures.

Copyright Om/No Productions Music 2014



all rights reserved
Track Name: When All Hell Breaks Loose
Baby don't know which stockings
my baby just can't choose
Baby don't know what lipstick
and baby can't find her shoes
I don't wanna be around
when all hell breaks loose
I'll be out at the movies
I don't need no rope to
make a noose

My Manager ain't got the numbers
He's got the spreadsheet blues
the higher ups are circling
and that's never good news
I don't wanna be around
when all hell breaks loose
I'll be out at the movies
I don't need no spreadsheet
to know I paid my dues

I found my sanctuary in this
cathedral of the light
the images burn brighter
in the middle of the night
100 million stories
so much in here to see
when all hell breaks loose
you know where to find me

My landlord's got some run down joints
he needs his hammer and his screws
the costs are rising higher
with every tool they use
I don't wanna be around
when all hell breaks loose
I'll be out at the movies
I don't need no hammer man
to know when they'll blow a fuse
Track Name: Make or Break
it’s always a case of make or break
and make is falling far behind
I said, more months back than I care to count
another week and I’m going to lose my mind

every morning and every evening
colliding like some worn out cars
waiting for the call and waiting for the collar
that ends with all of you behind bars

going back to the start
is the only move left
when you’ve exhausted all the other options
when the trail runs cold with a dead end in sight
and things aren’t yours
they’re half hearted adoptions

everyone is full of suggestions
but it just leads to loads more clues
what if there’s no more walking to be done
in these tired old gum shoes

what happens if it happens again
what happens if you’re powerless to stop it
what happens if it happens on someone else’s watch
when it should be you that got it

going back to the start
is all I’ve got left
when I can’t see the trees for the wood
maybe there’s something you repeatedly miss
are you doing all that you could?
Track Name: Martin and the Video Shop Closure
it took all the wind out of Martin
the day they closed down the shop
where was he going to buy videos now
how was he going to stop
other places didn’t have the selection
other places didn’t have the cool staff
other places felt colder
his whole life had been torn in half

there he sat
on the curb
the rain in the gutter
ruins his shoes
and nobody’s paying attention
nobody notices whenever they lose
and it won’t affect them in the morning
they don’t think of the ramifications
Martin knows
when places like this close
it’s bad for future generations

Martin rolls on towards nothing
everything’s moving so fast
he’s sure there’s lots we missed in the rush
he won’t lose his grip on the past
his ex-girlfriend told him to live in the now
most of his family worry
but Martin takes comfort his tactile array
he’s not the one in the hurry

and there he sits
on his bed
his room in a clutter
with piles of stuff
an old 78 on the turntable
his film collection
will never be big enough
and one day they’ll find him dead in here
when the smell drifts out to the hall
and they’ll realise the things that they’re missing
and Martin’s ghost can stand tall
Track Name: Cast a Shadow
a little windmill on a rock
the light don’t work
the wings don’t talk
a couple rolling down a hill
they cast a shadow
but we don’t know if they always will
them and I
waiting the alarm will ring
I want to shut down everything
and them and I
wrapped fish at the bottom of a bag
how do I tell them that everything’s a drag

a little strumming on the bark
the rusted engine’s teeth
carving names till dark
Canada geese like the view
they cast a shadow
but we don’t know if they always do
them and I
shouting in an empty room
something happen sometime soon and
them and I
old head rolling round in the air
how do I tell them that I really just don’t care

the street signs cutting through the cold
keep on walking, till it gets old
I maybe lost but unlike you I’m not sold
on anything

a little climbing on the gate
matchstick model building
please don’t make me wait
crestfallen cat and one eyed crow
they cast a shadow
and they’re never gonna let it go
them and I
waiting for the early train
man it looks like snow again
them and I
up to my knees in all that I should
how do I tell them that I’m really just no good.
Track Name: Dancing as the World Ends
If it was up to me
I’d have these four walls
preserved in a museum
for families from Wyoming to tell
their relatives to come and see them
This is where they’ll find me
when the game comes to a close
in a state of perpetual anxiety
and some cheap but comfy clothes

The world outside them
is vibrant and awake
If I told you what I’ve eaten
you’d think it was a mistake
Hello 3 in the morning
let me call your bluff
4 is just around the corner
and I’ve not nearly had enough

I’ll be dancing
as the world ends
with every muscle and tendon I can spare
not because
the world ends
but because the opportunity to dance is there

I’m not working and I don’t work
I’m the one between the cracks
everyone had a meeting
and said let’s not invite him back
I think I see it clearly
yet I clearly don’t understand
I’ll wait for you to leave
while you take pictures with the band

but I’ll be dancing
as the world ends
with every muscle and tendon I can spare
not because
the world ends
but because the opportunity to dance is there

and at that moment
it’ll be glorious
I’ll feel a swell of vindication
as I join in with the chorus
Track Name: Out Ahead of You
kicking myself because I failed again
can’t seem to finish what I want to begin
I was out of practice, I was in shock
Seemed like I had too many miles on the clock

Has anything changed we’ll wait and see
On the surface you’re much better at this than me
How long can that continue, did you think things through
One day I’ll be out ahead of you.

the year rolls on
the calendar fills
the road ahead
has more hills
the wine won’t give an answer
to the questions
the missions wrong
it can’t last long
a happy hour’s not as happy
when there’s no other suggestion

it’s not a race I feel I have to run
I’m not a fan of idle competition
there’s not a move I make that I don’t second guess
no more time to focus on how I’m in this mess

for the first time try and take things in my stride
the sky in front seems impossibly wide
the more I move away from me the happier I get
just haven’t figured out how to make money off it yet

the year
almost at a close
and what the next year is
no one really knows
and for once I think I am ok with that
you do what you will
you seem like you have time to kill
but I just can’t sit still and I’m no longer
looking back.
Track Name: Part Machine
you've got an old car
you've taken it apart
you've wired the hydraulics
into your heart
you've got wing mirrors
so you can see if there's an attack
and because you never get tired of
looking back

you got the wheels
you got the lights
they are shining chrome
you got the wheels
you got the lights
you'll get home

you've strapped on the roof
you're tank is full
you no longer have to push
you've got the power to pull
your cigarette lighter
burns a hole
there's a dead body in the trunk
under a sky like coal

you got the wheels
you got the lights
they are shining chrome
you got the wheels
you got the lights
you'll get home

part machine
now it's done and I'm
part machine
on the run
don't want to be seen
can still have fun
even though I'm
part machine

you'll lose your way
without a map
your back seats big enough
when you need a nap
you got more cupholders
than any man needs
If you've got the strength then
to hell with speed
Track Name: A Handbag Full Of Guns
dark desert road
I got the windy face
god never visited
this kind of place
barren out the back
dust got dominion
Everyone entitled to
their own opinion
but they got the rats
big as dogs
nobody around but
the drain is still clogged

Barry Sonnenfeld
he been away
another wedding
another day
can’t find the ham
can’t find the chicken
can’t identify that song
you’re been a picking
i got handbag full of guns
down at the station
You want cake, you want water
but ya gotta be patient

Baby come a knocking
she’s been on the rice
you don’t get nowhere if
you don’t learn to play nice
three knocks for yes one kick for no
baby puts on one hell of a show

Sniffed up dressed up
baby’s hair got messed up
woke up in an alleyway
it’s where I’m calling home today
working’ on a masterpiece
playing in the dirt
shouting at a shooting star
might get the gutter hurt
movie screening
press line
crowded in the dock
time is turning backwards and
you haven’t got a clock

I got the map you be the guide
there’s always something hidden
when you work out where to hide
we all shook maracas
someone feel out of a tree
my baby’s only got those eyes for me

I got a back pack pachyderm
a rack cracked and bad germs
boiled sponge bad lungs
someone’s sawed through
all the rungs
wading in the ocean try to
find yourself a watch
there’s a bikini belt
that could use another notch
holding back the question’
forming an excuse
every day is lucky when
it don’t end up in a noose

baby’s cooking’ bacon
baby is the best
baby wearing’ nothing but a tight white vest
she’s got the answers
I got the rig
i’ll worry bout the bacon
you can worry bout the pig
Track Name: Bronx Sunset
They’re selling Christmas trees on the pavement
I’m half asleep but twice alive
You can learn all you need to from this city bus
no matter the bet, I won’t take a dive

Kids still hold hands on back seats around here
I’m not alone in feeling romantic on a bus
An evening so soft, it’s like you in pyjamas
A perfect, brisk December dusk

just people just light
what a moment what a night
I want to hold it in my heart so tight

They’re selling brightly coloured animal umbrellas on the fences
This whole place is alive don’t forget
If I could show you you would feel just as much joy
under this Bronx sunset
Track Name: The Last Stand
on a covered porch
miles from here
I will make my stand
you can steel the weather vein
and burn the barn
things won’t go as planned

my skin is tight
my knuckles firm
my teeth bared to the sky
it’s dusk and my breath
steams this farm land
I’m not afraid to die

there’s always someone
poised for attack
it’s good to have someone
to watch your back
but just make sure you’re triumphant
before this movie fades to black
and even if you take a bullet
make sure the audience knows you had to do it

the felt on the brim of my hat
discoloured and hardened by rain
keeps me focussed true
the sound of a hoedown
your red hair
and the fireflies
will stop me feeling blue

I’ve not yet built the life I could
but I’ll defend what little I’ve made
my shirt sleeves rolled,
put a shoulder to the cold
the battle turf is laid
Track Name: Percy
Percy poked his peepers
from behind the venetian
the world smacked him in the face
like he was staring at creation
the letter on the night stand
talked of adventures stained with liquor
but if she'd stayed she was afraid
he'd just try to trick her
now she's on the highway with her thumb out
trying to get to Michigan
he swears that's the last time he'll ever give
a stranger a kiss again

Leaving through the laundry
landing in the Chevrolet
he curses at the car till the engine
starts and carries him away
no more motels, no more bars
he mutters at himself
I just want the open road, the lightest load
my happiness and health
the mountains grew up to meet him
to shield him from the smoking cities
making his home high above the ocean's foam
deep in Washington's trees

and all of the appeal
he could really feel
when the stars were out
and his belly was full
with a good roadside meal
and sometimes in passing
he can picture her asking
now where'd you think your going
don't you think the
future is worth contemplating
and he says no, he says no
thinking of the future will only
make you worry about where
to go
but have no fear
I am happy right here

hiding in the hills again
reminds him of way back when
around about the age of ten
he fell in bad with a foxes den
robbing stores and robbing banks
he thought of them as chickens
but the experience will pale when followed
by betrayal
and then the plot just thickens
but a change of name and a change of heart
left him free in the north western breezes
where on the porch, with a pipe and his
ukulele he can do what he pleases
Track Name: Pies are for Meat
bright blue skies
the worlds your pancake
spend your life on the
verge of a mistake
Nights for writing
days for sleep
musics for making
like pies are for meat

and round around
the spinning chimney goes
but why?
no one but the chimney knows

Donald Pleasence keeps an eye
watching as the clouds roll by
he scoffs at another baked confection
nothing will soothe his odd complexion
buildings for backdrops
and slippers for feet
lets’ always have pies
whenever we meet

and round and around
the spinning wheel goes
but why?
no one but the spinning wheel really knows

Brazil is nice this time of year
I will lose all my hair very quickly I fear
vermin and verisimilitude
don’t give me your phoney attitude

Breakfast breakfast
park the car first
the panther in your ice box
is dying of thirst
and there are children with a flannel
who won’t go to market
you can’t have breakfast
I said until you park it

round and around the
eyeball of his old wife goes
but why?
no one but the old wife really knows
Track Name: Outside on a Beautiful Day
the subway's hot, more humid than a Laundromat
the man next to me, looks like his tire's gone flat
it's all brightly coloured ties, beards and flies, under the earth.
you reach the hall, and there's still a walk, you hope it'll be a while
before you have to talk
you've had to tap dance, for your place at the table, since birth
it's not just you, it's what everyone must do, for what that's worth

Why do we do it to ourselves each day
hasn't the human race got so much more to say

the looks are blank, or downright ugly
it's not like you came in here and spat on somebody
it must be just the place, your face, or theirs
you've got a job to do, and so have they
it's not made easy for you, and that makes their day
they're stubborn and sick, so you're best trick
is to be silent and stare
while repeating in your mind, I just don't care

shouldn't we all be outside on a beautiful day
all of this is fiction, it doesn't have to be the way

none of it's important
none of it is real
we're all just spinning
this one big wheel
drop the facade
don't be afraid
no one's out to get you
you'll still get paid
your power is assumed
in title only
but if you don't let it go
you'll die sad and lonely
none of this around you is
worth the sweat and tears
you give
stop worrying so much and live

You bang your head, you shout and scoff
inside yourself, it's all kicking off
your sanity is hanging, over a vat of sharks by a thread
but your face is vacant, your limbs are loose
you've tried to explain, but what's the use
nobody has listened to a word you ever said
you'd be easily replaced by a monkey if you were suddenly dead

should we not try to understand what others want to say
wouldn't it be nice if the ones who didn't had to pay
Track Name: Is There No One?
Is there no one who’ll dance with me at 5am
my tired heart is breaking through my early morn rebellion
if I thought about anything but the rhythm and the lyrics
they’d have to drag me out of here screaming like a hellion

will no one dance with me in the small hours
just to stave off the decay
are you worried that I might get the wrong idea
or are you worried what the neighbours say

I’ve had enough
I give up
from this moment I might as well
let the whole world go to hell
and do what I want
how I want to
better to go down with a grin
than to destroy myself within

Is there no one who will hold me in the morning
All I want is to be held
I don’t want the complications of ill-advised long term relations
All I want is to be held

I’ve had enough
Time for a change
time to head off down south
or put my head down shut my mouth
and just get it done
make it happen
better to go down in a blaze
than to sit here one more day
Track Name: I Had You
Everything up until now
Has been a botched experiment
What happens next is 
Up to the scientists
I wish this tunnel lead to some solutions
But they're on every platform that I missed

There's chicken bones on the floor of the A train, the voodoo priestess has long since reached home
All the other signs of what went on here
Are only in the heads of sleeping passengers 
Grey, Still and hooded like abandoned garden gnomes

and I had you
till I no longer had you
you went with me as far as you could go
if I could do it all over again
I wouldn’t do it all over again
Somethings are better when you simply just don’t know

when it was meant to be on the mend
it came time for it to end
I guess when you know, you know

Throat rasping hands grasping
Tiny squeaks of screams into the darkness
I haven't meant a single word I've said and yet I've meant every single word 
like a stunt fighter beneath a helicopter without even a harness
Let the neighbours sometimes be disturbed 

in what felt like no time at all but turned out to be forever
nothing but my stomach had been settled
I left at first light just as the crisp air began to bite
I fight to hold on to the value and not just regret it all