"Wake Up, It's Not Over" Part​.​1

by Miscellaneous Plumbing Fixtures with Jay Mayo



Part one of this two part album (or double album if you will) was recorded at the Hold The Mayo Studios in Sutton, Massachusetts over a 4 day weekend with stand up comedian and musician, Jay Mayo.
Saturday saw the East Coast hit with Snowmageddon 2016 and so we hunkered down and recorded everything we could from original compositions to covers.

Lots of people to thank on this album, not least of all Jay Mayo for his talent, patience, producing skills and for driving around collecting stuff to make sure that, if nothing else, the studio was equipped with a full drum kit. Thank you my friend, a true pleasure!

Next up Kimberly Taylor for her inspiration, patience, support, love and for opening up her sketch books to provide the awesome album cover art.

Thanks to Cole Riel who provided an all important snare drum.

Thanks to Matt Farley and Jim Wallace for your encouragement, enthusiasm, friendship and for being my creative consultants.

and finally thanks to EVERYONE who has ever listened to, shared, purchased and downloaded the music. I feel very honored and lucky to have such wonderful support from friends and strangers too numerous to mention.


released February 5, 2016

Tracks 1, 2, 4, 7, 9, 10
- music written by Jon Cross & Jay Mayo, lyrics by Jon Cross

Track 3 "One Great City" - by The Weakerthans - John K. Samson, Jason Tait, Stephen Carroll, Greg Smith.

Track 5 "Michael Myers Resplendent" - by The Mountain Goats - John Darnielle, Peter Hughes, Jon Wurster

Track 6 "Proceed With Caution" - by The New Amsterdams - Matthew Pryor

Track 8 "Kansas City" - by The New Basement Tapes - Music by Marcus Mumford & Taylor Goldsmith, Lyrics by Bob Dylan

Jay Mayo - Vocals, Backing Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Percussion, Bass, Lead Guitar

Jon Cross - Vocals, Backing Vocals, Guitar, Lead Guitar, Piano, Harmonica, Drums, Percussion, Bass

Album produced by Jay Mayo and Jon Cross at Hold The Mayo Studios, Massachusetts

Copyright Om/No Productions Music 2016



all rights reserved
Track Name: Cold City Love Song
It's a bitterly cold and crisp New York Day
The kind of cold that can make your ears ring
And I love you as I run to the delicatessen
And suddenly this weather doesn't mean a thing

You're a warm and a gracious smile on the wind
And you melt my heart like butter in a pan
Your eyes are the flickering fire of an arctic research lab
And I've got to get to you any way I can

I can't wait
To watch the seasons change with you
I can't wait
To hold your hand tight as they do

It's a bright and breezy New York Day
With temperatures well below freezing
And I'm the only one out here and I love you
Let's cuddle up close and listen to the radiator wheezing

I can't wait
To achieve all that we think we can do
I can't wait
To watch season two
With you

I had sworn against all possibility
Of this ever happening again
I had cursed at the very idea of it
And now I never want this to end

You're the ripples of heat
Seen as a shadow
In my office window
You're the sequel to my favourite movie
And I'll never let you go
Track Name: Kris Kristofferson
Away awhile
The country is bigger than you'd think
Wait your turn
We will work out all the kinks
You had everything
And now everything is gone
Kris Kristofferson

Don't hold back
Let them all hear what you have to say
Embrace uncertainty
Each and everyday
It can be all right
When everything is wrong
Kris Kristofferson

Let the trumpets sound
Your world is coming around
Get dressed up to the nines
Let now be your time
You'll show them all
You won't be taken for a ride
You can achieve anything you want
With the right person by your side

In the hills of Pennsylvania
The wind is in your face
You notice similarities
As you move from Place to place
The more things stay the same
The more they've changed a ton
Kris Kristofferson

Best slow down
Sometimes there's sirens up ahead
But you caught her attention
It must be something that you said
You work all night
And everybody's having fun
Kris Kristofferson
Track Name: Another Case of Hate, Carry or Kill
The air on this city street is thick yellow with dust
It exists only here and surrounds us
No one in this town knows quite what they're doing
Their lungs, eyes and throats are already ruined

And I'm a survivor of so many storms
And justice can come in so many forms
And alcohol has robbed me of so many dawns
Monday morning comes again all teeth, claws and horns

My boots, the concrete, the steam and the drill
Each day another case of hate, carry or kill
You hide the sentences that make the most sense to you
No one in this office has a fucking clue

And I'm a believer in no more beliefs
There's not enough jesters and too many chiefs
And if you're the bread winner, I guess I'm the thief
Stealing away for just one moment of relief

It's all gone now, the quiet and the lull
Remembering how you found the peace a little dull
You prefer a place where all eyes aren't on you
Too many distractions but the choices are too few
Track Name: The Ballad of Wayne LaGraw
Be my hatstand operetta
On this baby food swing
I got a face full of pancetta
And an old wooden ring
You climb up a crooked drainpipe
You shake your fists at dimming stars
Barricade yourself in the doorway
Of a thousand shut down bars

Plague ravaged and counting your chickens
It's your round after all
Be a cage raised hater of trumpets
Get down before you fall
I got a backpack full of roses
I got a liver full of bad ideas
Be sure to have your sunglasses on
When the dust clears

I got a dishwasher coloured corvette
I'm going to drive it all over your town
You can't fight city hall without breakfast
We should just tear the whole place down
You're a delight at the circus
They sluggishly obey your demands
I've been to worse factories than this one
And still No one understands

You're a closed down barbershop quartet
There's surrender in the air
Who needs a coat full of tic tacs
When you've still got all your own hair
He was a plumber in the 40s
Before the whole thing went hi-tech
I want to sit on all of your branches
And hope the fall doesn't break my neck

It's all of the summers you've ever spent
Wondering where all of your money went
It's the orchestra you couldn't get in
To the party that's yet to begin
And the clowns are all waving goodbye
From this ghost train cloud filled sky
Track Name: Bring Your Dog To Work Day
Hey man in the Mets hat
Don't look at her like that
It's bring your dog to work day
Nobody cares about your cat
There's a murmur in the train car
No louder than the headphones hiss
You can all argue amongst yourselves
I'll always be happy doing this

Don't take away from the moments
Don't pass them off as somebody elses
Don't let them steal you're thunder
From the clouds you were living under
Let it flash brightly
Let it make a booming sound
Make peace with living in the light of it
Make peace with carrying it around

The right person
She won't mind
The right person
She's too kind

Hey man in the Mets hat
Did you really think you were all that?
It's just another drag your ass to work day
And your ass is getting fat
Don't worry it'll all be over
It's later than you think
You might not be able to enjoy yourself
But don't be the hole into which we all sink
Track Name: First Night Somethings
I've never felt anything like this
I had said no more to one last drink
Who knew I had the fight in me
Stumbling back from the brink

There was something in those words
And later in your face
And later still, in your arms, there was something
I couldn't rest my case

You showed me all that was missing
You filled in all of the blanks
You were more in a moment than I'd had in a lifetime
You rose to the top of the ranks

There was intensity in a half told joke
That made my whole body hum
The first second was perfectly natural
And there was so much more to come