So as we come to the end of
the world seems to be falling apart
there’s hate and bigotry
ignorance and insanity
and more regurgitated pop hits
rising up the charts
there is death and war and russian hacking
and the climate is well and truly wrecked
we’re staring into the void in disbelief
as Donald Trump is the president elect

but don’t worry
because in a few days it will be Christmas
and you’ll be sat around a table
hopefully stuffing your face with food
and that nagging itch of desperation and depression
you’ll feel
just put it to the back of your mind
and let joy, laughter and love be the only
things that are real

So maybe your significant others gone and left you
and taken all your favourite stuff
or everyone around you is sick with flu
and you’ve really had enough
liars, scumbags and thieves are soon to be in office
their trigger happy fingers on a nuke
Simon Cowell and Gordon Ramsey still on TV
it’s enough to make you puke

it’s not wrong to sometimes ignore all the madness
between fake and real news you’ll go quite insane
your outrage levels will be shooting through the roof
you’re like John Cusack when he’s standing in the rain
sometimes you should step back and just be silly
and realize no one nowhere really knows what’s going on
and the world will travel round the sun one more time next year
unless Trump starts World War III and in which case we’ll all be gone


released December 16, 2016
Written, performed and produced by Jon Cross of Miscellaneous Plumbing Fixtures

Copyright Om/No Music 2016



all rights reserved