Worst ways for a story to begin (alternate take)

by Miscellaneous Plumbing Fixtures

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A full band sound version of my new single


It is spring in the city
but I got winter in my veins
just like the traffic I’m changing lanes
running away
meeting it head on
both different outcomes
both of them are wrong

riding out the storm
waiting in the wings
life throws up
too many things
When will it stop
When will it start
do you fix a situation
by breaking it apart

and what if all else fails
where do you go then
how many times must a heart
start again

future looking shaky
but people on your side
have to forego
any sense of pride
everyone has opinions
you’ll get lots of advice
mostly it’s just people
trying to be nice

you’ve found yourself a haven
down by the tracks
you’ve found woodland in the city
far away from the hacks
you’ve found food for just a fiver
you’ve found movies in the bin
I’m sure there are worst ways
for a story to begin

and all that you need now
is just one moment of luck
you want to be moving forward
but the accelerator’s stuck
and every day you have to
restart your belief
and work just that litter bit harder
waiting on some future relief

Screaming in your ears
shouting in your head
you’d wish these bloody voices
would take it down a peg
or you struggle with motivation
the bed is nice and warm
you’re losing all your stuffing
you’re rarely on form

the nights round here won’t stop it
you’re slowly getting thin
I’m sure there are worst ways
for a story to begin


released May 23, 2014
Banjolele, Guitar, Piano and Vocals by Jon Cross

Written, performed and produced by Jon Cross of Miscellaneous Plumbing Fixtures.

Copyright Om/No Productions Music 2014



all rights reserved